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​What is Sport Psychology?

As a Sport Psychologist, I use psychological principles and mental skills to help athletes maximize and improve their performance. You can learn to mentally "lean into" your sport even under the greatest of pressure to perform at your best. While coaches and trainers help athletes optimize their performance from a physical and technical perspective, sport psychologists help people perform at their best mentally...

Do you need a Sport Psychologist?

-Do you perform better in practice than in competition?​

-Would you rather avoid pressure situations when competing?​
-Do you find yourself worrying about choking under pressure?​



What to Expect?

If you choose to improve your performance by using my services, you can expect an individualized approach focused on achieving the results you desire to improve your performance. You (and/or a parent) would meet with me and we would work together to do an assessment in order learn about yourself as an athlete...


"Develop your mental game, and make your mind your greatest strength as an athlete. Learn to psychologically "lean into" your performance, build on your successes and consider failures opportunities to learn."

Warren Kaplan, Ph.D.

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