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What is Sport Psychology?

As a Sport Psychologist, I use psychological principles and mental skills to help athletes maximize and improve their performance. You can learn to mentally "lean into" your sport even under the greatest of pressure to perform at your best. While coaches and trainers help athletes optimize their performance from a physical and technical perspective, Sport Psychologists help people perform at their best mentally. If your psychological game is not up to par, then the physical and technical aspect of your game will suffer. If you have had the experience of "choking" under pressure (as most athletes have) you have experienced the way that a mental let down can completely derail any physical preparation that you may have achieved. I can help you improve your mental game so you can avoid getting tight when you are under pressure.
Until recently, most athletes have focused almost exclusively on physical/technical training, with little emphasis on formal mental preparation. Now, most serious athletic organizations recognize the importance of Sport Psychologists on their full time staff. For example, the United States Olympic Committee employs several full time Sport Psychologists, as do most professional sport franchises in this country. Even the military establishment of the United States has recognized the value of preparing its soldiers to perform at their best by utilizing the services of Sport Psychologists.
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