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What to Expect?

If you choose to improve your performance by using my services, you can expect an individualized approach focused on achieving the results you desire to improve your performance. You (and/or a parent) would meet with me and we would work together to do an assessment in order learn about yourself as an athlete. Together, we would decide on the particular aspects of your performance that you would like to improve and specifically define your own outcome goals for your mental training. We would then address the specific, measurable and achievable goals we agree to focus on.Throughout the treatment we would review your accomplishments, your progress, and continually update goals and strategies as needed.​
Among the possible techniques to achieve your goals could be:​
-Intensity regulation skills​
-Heart rate variability training​
-Heart rate deceleration training​
-Mental Imagery​
-Self-Talk instruction​
-Focus/concentration techniques​
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