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Do you need a Sport Psychologist?

-Do you perform better in practice than in competition?​
-Would you rather avoid pressure situations when competing?​
-Do you find yourself worrying about choking under pressure?​
-Do you think about what will happen if you lose, or what others will say?

-Do you have trouble setting and maintaining personal training goals?
-Do you have trouble recovering from mistakes when in competition?
-Are you particularly hard on yourself for making errors?
-Do you have trouble dealing with losses and poor performances?
-Is it hard to remain focused under pressure?
-Do you have trouble enjoying and being energized by the sport you once loved?

-If you answer "yes" to any of these questions then the services of a Sport Psychologist could potentially help you. Seeing a Sport Psychologist can give you an important added advantage in your performance that you can not get by only being physically and technically prepared. There is a misconception that anyone who goes to a Sport Psychologist is a "mental case" or is mentally ill. In fact, most major sports organizations and branches of the military, both in this country and internationally, employ the services of sport psychologists to enhance the performance of those in their organization.
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